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[ Favorite styles You'll find year-round ]


Boardwalk Brown Ale

An earthy and less bitter old-style beer brewed with contributions of dark and sweet malt mingled with English hops. ABV 5.5%


Donna Golden Ale

A balanced beer, light-bodied with subdued fruitiness and a noble hop character offering very subtle bitterness. Named posthumously for a beautiful person; proceeds aide charitable donations. ABV 4.5%

Flip Hop IPA

A true Southern IPA with a subtle malt flavor. Dry hopped to make any hop-head happy. Hops dominate the palate and finish dry. ABV 6.0%


Good Hops Pale Ale

Made with gently roasted pale malt and a solid balance of hops.  Easy to drink, but full of flavor. A TOP SELLER.   ABV 6.0%


– Limited Availability –

[ On Our regular tap rotation ]


Hoppertone Double IPA

Brewed with 7 hops, but balanced with a hefty dose of malt so there’s no palate overload. Doubling up on hops and malts, this brew has strong, fruity, hoppy notes and deep malty undertones. It’s like taking a West Coast IPA and feeding it steroids! 92 IBUs ABV 7.75%


Pleasure Island Pilsner

A very pleasing, clean, and simple pale lager brewed with distinctive noble Saaz hops. ABV 5.0%

Andrew's Irish Light Ale

Named posthumously for a CB local, Andrew Kippar, who loved his Bud Light. Wanting something light yet crafty? This beer’s for you. ABV 4%


Stankee Yankee Hazy IPA

Super juicy! Ample hops add tons of flavor, and we propagate the special yeast in-house. This is an All-American IPA where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. ABV 6.1%



– Perhaps on Tap –

[ Special seasonal releases ]



Broken Hearted Stout - Valentine's Day

Blood Rose Belgian - Spring

IRS - Imperial Russian Stout - April 15

Donna Pineapple - Summer

Georgia On My Mind Peach Jalapeño - June

Bilyberry Wheat - Late July

Black Sky IPA - Fall/Winter

NC Batatas Sweet Potato Ale - Thanksgiving

Barley Wine - Holidays

Brut IPA



– Special Releases –



Good Hops Brewing is all about innovation!  We are here to BREW and CREATE. 

We love getting input from our patrons, and we try to please by turning their ideas into reality.