The Journey

How It Started

     New to the Craft Beer Scene and immediately captivated, we joined our son John Garcia of Lookout Brewing in Black Mountain, NC in 2012. In less than a year our rebellious Jersey family, Billy & Sharon Gorczynski, encouraged and funded the first North Carolina Brewery to double down.

     In 2014 we returned to Carolina Beach and opened Good Hops Brewing. Spanning the state from the mountains of Asheville to the beaches of Wilmington we spread the love of craft beer with both new and imbued beer drinkers. Through a collaborative spirit and with a bountiful variety of excellent tasting beers we endeavor to transform all craft beer seekers into believers of how beer can dare to be different and still remain pleasing in taste.

Our Culture

     Our mission is to enjoy life and make really good beer one small batch at a time. We create curiosity in craft beer styles and make beers that you won’t forget – as unique as the island we call home. To us happiness comes from drinking local beer and we are committed to the best local and sustainable ingredients available. Preservative free and pure in process.

     We seek complex flavors and aromas whilst striving for balance and consistency in all of our beer. A wild CB attitude runs through all our brews, but life is about much more than the beer. It is about the people. You people. And it is about a love for the area. These beers go well with relaxing, surfing, social drinking, hiking, enjoying the great outdoors, watching the low tide, watching the high tide, watching sun rises and sunsets.

     We strive to live up to our name in the way we conduct our business. Good Hops Brewing supports the community in local and charitable events creating meaningful relationships.

     Sustainability - The brewing process requires large amounts of grain. Instead of leaving the grain for the garbage man we feel it should serve another purpose since it still holds nutritional value in protein and fiber. We have Ernie who gives our spent grain to local farmers.