Craft Brews

Ales Brewed and Finished in the English Style Session Ale . . .

Each day at Good Hops Brewing we use creativity, tradition and passion to craft unique
innovative local beer for the Wilmington and Beaches area one small batch at a time.
Our style is slightly sweet less bitter with true balance of malt and hops and moderate
carbonation refreshing the palate.

We use malted barley, wheat, hops, yeast and fresh filtered water to craft our brews. All
of our fruit, vegetable and herb/spice additions come from fresh local produce. No
additives, no preservatives, no filtering agents, no animal byproducts, no GMO (no
animals are harmed in the making of our beer). Through a 2-step fermentation process
most of the yeast drops out but traces may be present in all our beers. We do not filter
or pasteurize, we feel our beers taste better this way.

Flagship Beer

Porter & Limited

Seasonal Beer